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IGO-Adria has an active role in the development of the rent-a-car and taxi services and is based on continuous development and continuous expansion of the offer in accordance with the needs of customers.

  On these pages you will discover Rent A Car and taxi services and find a selection of vehicles that are at your service for more details about the car tell you Llesen the conditions of our car rental, as well as prices and reservations can be made by vehicles or taxi directly via the Internet.

  Satisfied customers are our top priority, so we try to adapt to your business needs. We always try to stay one step ahead of the other, and make your daily lives easier.

  Make sure you complete freedom of movement and learning about new places in our beautiful country. Cars from our taxi and car rental we offer at any time at the airports and in the cities of your choice.

  Innovation and listen to the wishes of the users make us a desirable partner in business and everyday Leben.Unsere affordable services tailored to that were available to everyone, so we can boast that we are the most convenient taxi service on the island.

  To give you a seamless service throughout the day our staff will be happy to address your concerns. 


To cruises, fairs, skiing, trips!


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